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Congratulations to all the teams that made it to the DIG Site this year.
Well done! (It was a tricky one)

WINNER Two-In-A-Row!!!!
First At Site: $400. + DIG Trophy
Prize donated to: National Ovarian Cancer Col.
Car # 41
Team Captain: Heather Stine

Heather Stine
Carl Stine
Ben Rugg
Jonathan Rugg
Stacy Messinger
Mason Messinger

First to Find the Count: $400. + Dig Trophy
No Winner This Year
Prize donated to: Alzheimer's Assocation ($200) & Wounded Warriors Project($200)


2nd Place: Car # 46
Team Captain: Joe Zaremba

3rd Place: Car # 5
Team Captain: Jason Berresford

4th Place: Car # 14
Team Captain: Heidi Eckert

5th Place: Car # 10
Team Captain: Bill Davis

6th Place: Car # 27
Team Captain: Tiffany Kilpowicz

7th Place: Car # 1
Team Captain: Keith Aftuk

8th Place: Car # 21
Team Captain: Jim Jenkins

9th Place: Car # 11
Team Captain: Nina Delluso

10th Place: Car # 7
Team Captain: Michelle Bowman

11th Car # 15
Team Captain: Tabitha Farrone

12th Car #: 18
Team Captain: Terri Green

13th Car #: 24
Team Captain: Brandy Kessler

14th Car #: 42
Team Captain: Helen Sweigarat

15th Car #: 32
Team Captain: Dan Lynch

Winner! Best Monster Site $200 + DIG Trophy
Bonnie Wah & Sherri Whitecavage
Prize Donated to (Local): Rita Holman Foundation, Breast Cancer Research

Winner - Three-In-A-Row! Spirt Award $200. + DIG Trophy
Car # 39
Team: April Schlauch

Prize donated to: Diabetes Foundation

April Schlauch
Rich Schlauch
Tina Leshko
Todd Cushion
Vickie Goodman
Jenn Allison
Bryan Hodge
Jennifer Rusin
Steven Daynorovich
Monica Luppino
Ivy Hodge


2 WINNERS! Tarot Bingo, $25 Gas Card & Halloween Can
Dan Lynch & Heather Stine

WINNER! Best Venetian Mask / Costume, $25 Gas Card & Halloween Can
John Denchy

WINNER! Best Venetian Costume, $25 Gas Card & Halloween Can
Ron & Patty Beltz

WINNER! Dance Costume, $25 Gas Card
Deb Troutman

WINNER! Outdoor Smoker
$217 to The James J. & Mary Edith Rhoades Foundation
Darleena Robertson

WINNER! Yuengling Tailgate Cooler
$183 to Hillside ASPCA, Pottsville, PA
Gina Tophoney



For all Donations please see Sponsor Page.

Congratulations, and Thanks to everyone for a fun and safe DIG!

Count Miniescule
DIG coordinators,
Dot Demmer, Joanne Koles and Susan Eikszta


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