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Winner: George Maziekas

20 Pirate Questions, Maties!

1. Pirates are often depicted with what over one eye?
B. Patch

2. Where did Pirates live?
C. Ships

3. Gilbert & Sullivan wrote?
A. Pirates of Penzance

4. What did pirates search for?
A. Treasure

5. The name of the parrot in "Treasure Island" was?
A. Cap'n Fint

6. What weapons did a Pirate use?
C. All

7. In the book, "Treasure Island", what is the name of the ship?
B. Hispaniola

8. Typical Pirate plunder was?
B. Tobacco and Silks

9. What picture was usually on the Jolly Roger?
B. Skull

10. What kind of pet are Pirates usually associated with?
C. Parrot

11. Dustin Hoffman played Captain Hook in what movie?
C. Hook

12. Buccaneers were Pirates who operated in:
A. The Caribbean only

13. Which fictious pirate (initials shown) has a fast food chain named after him?

14. What was given to the crocodile to alert Captain Hook he was coming?
B. Alarm clock

15. Avast means?
C. Stop

16. What physical challenge did Long John Silver have?
B. Wooden leg

17. Which was not a real pirate?
B. Jolly Roger

18. He's gone to Davy Jones Locker means?
C. He is dead

19. Edward Teach's real name?
B. Blackbeard

20. What marks the spot?
C. X

PRIZE: $25. Cash.
Open to those age 18 and over.
Deadline 12 pm, Oct. 23rd, 2012 Winners will be notified by Nov. 13th, 2012.
No Purchase Necessary. No employee or family of DemmerGraphics may enter.
One entry per person, per address, or per e-mail address please.
We do not sell or give away any information.
Send your answers, along with your Name, Phone & e-mail address to:

DIG Halloween Contest
921 W. Centre St.
Mahanoy City, PA 17948


New Contest coming in 2013.
Thanks for playing,
Count Miniescule

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